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Family/ group meal offers

Dine at Home on your birthday, this Mother’s Day, Special occasions or any day.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with the meal they deserve, especially on days like these in the comfort of their own homes.


We receive daily fresh food from our local suppliers like meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

We prepare family meals of 3-8 people made with pure ingredients such as Greek virgin olive oil and herbs, in single-use trays, following hygienic specifications.

Choices of:
•Roast Lamb and potatoes for 4 people
•Traditional Greek Chicken pie for 4-6 people
•Lentil soup for 3-5 portions
•Pasta Bolognese for 4 people
•Whole Roasted Chicken
•Whole Sea Bream Grilled Fish
•Original Feta cheese 500gr

Reasonable prices, discounts for NHS staff and free delivery of meals to our exclusive Marina residents.

It would have to be pre-ordered at least 3 hours before for a family meal preparation.

Call 07765786301 or send us an email on info@skaragreekrestaurant.com

We offer a contactless service of delivery in Marina, therefore if you would like to collect your meal, we can bring it out to you in the parking area so that you don’t even enter the venue.

Other than the food we have on our menu, you can ask for any other meal you’d like to eat and we’d make it for you! We are your personal supplier and chef!

Orders would have to be made the day before or at least 3 hours before delivery.

Also, other than grill foods we have homemade traditional Greek food, such as Pastitsio, Mousaka, Gemista.

Special orders just for you!

Best wishes
 Skara team

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