The Afentakis family tradition of cooking traditional Cretan & Greek cuisine is now at this gem of a building in Brighton marina. Starting by using local fresh products, while importing the highest quality Greek products to create a true Greek taste.


Creating dishes from family recipes dating back generations, George Afentakis ( Head Chef ) and his team wish to promote the flavour of Greek food along with its culture and hospitality adding to a true Greek experience. 


George has arranged to have imported from Athens equipment and designed a grill room at the restaurant which includes a large multi skewer cooker which slowly cooks the food as has been done for many years in Greece, there is a unique Antikristo also imported which uses charcoal creating a wonderful flavour to the food.


Having an open kitchen plan the customer will see their food cooked, each grill is used specifically for the customer's personal taste, be it vegan, vegetarian or meat also for halal so each will not come in contact with the other while grilling. 


The finished cooking preparation is then served on a Sesoula example which dates back to 5400 BC symbolling - euphoria, abundance, and plenty. 


Of course, you will find to add to your food the many Greek products which are world-famous, wine, beer, and ouzo.